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Welcome to our Photo Gallery!  (Last update: March 3, 2017)


Birds of the Benzie Area

There are always interesting birds to see in the Benzie area. In February our photographers went far and wide to find interesting gulls. (Click on pictures for a larger view.)

Many gulls are highly variable in plumage; this Thayer's Gull (photographed in the Duluth Harbor) is one extreme of the Iceland Gull complex. Note the very reduced dark brown (not black like on a Herring Gull) on the outer primaries--only on the outer part of the feathers--and the heavy streaking on the head. Zoomed in, the eye also looks dark (light in the case of a Herring Gull). (Photo by Carl Freeman)


This Iceland Gull was also found in the Duluth harbor. Again note the light colored primaries--not solid jet black as in herring or ring-bills--as well as the rounded head and shorter bill. They supposedly look "cute" because of the shape of the head. (Photo by Carl Freeman)

This California Gull was posing on the shore of Lake Patagonia in Arizona. (Photo by Joe Brooks)

Also found in Arizona was this Common Raven perched on a cottonwood tree in the Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve. (Photo by Joe Brooks)

These migrating geese were found closer to home in a plowed field at the corner of St. Pierre and Fredrickson Roads at the back side of Arcadia Marsh. The bird on the left is a "blue form" Snow Goose. The other bird is a Greater White-fronted Goose. (Photo by Carl Freeman)

In late February American Robins began showing up at various locations within our area, including the Freemans' yard, looking for any patch of ground in which to forage. (Photo by Carl Freeman)

In response to last month's bobcat Marti submitted this shot of a red fox as her "alternate-to-a bird" photo. (Photo by Martha Mollema)

Club Activities

We kicked off the new year with Stewart McFerran's presentation on the passenger pigeon, a now-extinct species with a history in Benzie County. Note that Stewart is using a new lavaliere microphone and lectern--both gifts from Benzie Audubon to our generous host, the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians. (Photo by John Ester)

At our annual meeting in November we elected a new Board of Directors before having our Members' Photo Show. (Photo by Joe Brooks)

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